The Institution is situated in Muleba district in the north west of Muleba town. It is about 20kms from Muleba district head quarter and 90kms from Bukoba municipal. It is in high plateau.


A centre of excellence in training of health workers to provide quality health care to all clients.


The Institution is committed to train competent health workers in line with gospel values who will promote physical psychological, social and spiritual welfare of the people through adequate and modern learning facilities


  1. Provide the quality and competitive education to student through provision of up-to-date learning materials
  2. Strengthened Institution structures and systems in order to enhance management efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Building capacity of human resources to meet emerging challenges in health training
  4. Providing adequate physical infrastructure facility to meet current and future requirement of Institution
  5. Improve students’ welfare in the areas of catering and boarding, health services, recreation, recreation, transport and students’ involvement in decision making organs.
  6. Mobilize adequate financial resources to meet recurrent and developmental expenditure needs of the Institution